Online Appointments and Repeat Prescription Request

Routine appointments for the GP can be booked online. You will need to have been issued a username and password. Please contact the reception to do this. You will need to bring some photo identification e.g. passport or driving licence.


Repeat prescriptions can also be requested online using the same username and password. We aim to process your request and issue the prescription within 48 hours.


Click here to log-in for Online Services.  


Please note that urgent appointments with the doctor, appointments with the nurse, and appointments for blood tests are currently not available online. Please call the reception on 0208 630 3822 to book these.


Online Access to Summary Care Record and Detailed Coded Records

Access to Summary Care Records and Detailed Coded Records are now available using the same username and password as above. This has to be enabled on an individual basis in person at reception with photographic identification. This can be done at the same time as when you are issued your user name and password.  


A Summary Care Record is an electronic record used by the NHS in England to support patient care. It contains your demographic details (name, address, date of birth), your unique NHS number, and your list of medications and any allergies. For more information please see Summary Care Record.